Our Story

As far as we can tell, our story started in 1773 thanks to Martin LEROUX a dynamic man of 27 years old having just acquired a vine plot in Chigny les Roses.

From then on, heritage and know-how evolved, being passed on from father to son until the birth of Hilaire LEROUX in 1897.
He gave birth to CHAMPAGNE HILAIRE LEROUX & FILS at the begining of the 20th century.

Today Patrice Leroux and Pierre Friedlander (uncle and nephew) perpetuate the tradition with the creation of « EARL CHAMPAGNE HILAIRE LEROUX & FILS » in 2012.

Independent winegrowers, we are working on with nearly 6 hectares in 1er Cru spread over 5 villages in the heart of the Montagne de Reims and we have also recently been operating a plot of nearly 20 Acres in Grand Cru on the VERZY terroir. (Our plot)

To learn more about the history of Champagne Hilaire-Leroux,
please contact us for a tour of our cellars.