The Method

We work with the 3 Champagne grape varieties, namely Chardonnay for its freshness and citrus notes, Pinot Noir for its power and its full-bodied side and Pinot Meunier for its fruity side which allows us to elegantly combine Chardonnay with Pinot Noir. Today all our champagnes are blended with the 3 grape varieties.

We care for environnement and vine sustainability which is why we have the 2 labels HVE and VDC.

At our cellar, we have a 4000 kg Coquard press with inclined plates.
A very remarkable and silent working tool that
allows us to extract prime quality juice slowly and gradually so as not to tint the juice.

We also have stainless steel, enamelled, concrete vats and oak barrels for aging our wines.

Regarding the vinification, our tanks are thermo-regulated during alcoholic fermentation in order to preserve a maximum of aromas.

We do not practice malolactic fermentation in order to maintain the acidity necessary to keep our champagnes and bring its typical note.

We let our wines rest on the lees for several months because they bring richness and character.

Then we rack the vats and taste our clear wines obtained to prepare our blend.

Once the blending is complete, the wine is refrigerated then filtered and ready to be bottled.

Bottling, aging in the bottle, riddling and disgorging are carried out at our cellar.